UHTM Simulations

Under-hood thermal management (UHTM) deals with the design and verification of critical components in the engine compartment to ensure proper cooling and acceptable operating temperatures in a wide range of driving conditions.

TT Cooling Duct CFD
TT Cooling Duct CAD
TT Cooling Duct CAD Params
TT Cooling Duct CFD

ICON has successfully applied CFD and automatic optimisation techniques in several UHTM projects for various clients in the automotive sector. Our well tested and proven methodology exploits both commercial and open source codes to define comprehensive models of the full vehicle, including full representations of the radiator, condenser, intercooler and fans. Automatic optimisation, on the other hand, facilitates the design and improvement of any cooling components.

The existing methodology and recent developments of in-house meshing tools have also allowed set-up times to be reduced drastically by removing the need for manual CAD preparation and cleaning. As a result, ICON can provide a fast and robust solution to any UHTM simulation, allowing full integration within your existing design process.