Wind Tunnel Test Optimisation

Wind tunnel testing is fundamental for understanding the aerodynamic response and performance of a vehicle during the design process. Tests are commonly performed by manufacturers and racing teams alike to simulate road and racing conditions with a high level of accuracy.

ICON offers the opportunity to exploit the many advantages of automatic optimisation techniques through full integration with your existing experimental set-up. Engineers at ICON have been involved in several tests in the past, offering either on-site or remote assistance on the creation of design of experiments (DOE), response surface methods (RSM) based on experimental results and design optimisation on-the-go. The interaction not only results in immediate improvements in the designs but also allows for a more efficient use of the time in the wind tunnel, leading to considerable cost reductions.

For those planning to test various combinations of design parameters in the wind tunnel (e.g. spoiler angles, diffuser shapes, ride heights, etc) ICON can offer a highly cost effective solution for optimising the vehicle aerodynamics.