Mesh Generation

ICON has over 15 years experience in delivering high quality surface and hex-dominant volume meshes to industry. All mesh generation is performed with strict consideration for the numerical methods to be applied. Our expertise includes:
  • Surface wrapping
  • Surface mesh generation
  • Volume mesh generation
  • Feature-line resolution
  • Extrusion-layer insertion
  • Mesh distortion minimisation
  • Polyhedral mesh generation
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Flow aligned mesh generation
  • Mesh generation for optimisation application
  • Mesh generation for LES/DES simulation
Mesh quality statistics are routinely delivered along with one baseline calculation. Complex application cases such as full vehicle simulations and aircraft assemblies have been meshed and successfully solved with up to 70 million cells. Our philosophy is to invest our efforts in producing high-quality hex-form meshes. This investment is immediately returned when the calculations are recieved in a minimal time and with minimal strain on the solver.

Our moving-mesh know-how goes back to some of the toughest and most labour intensive days in CFD history. The first calculations to be performed at ICON in 1992 were for Internal Combustion Engine simulations with moving valves and pistons. This experience makes us confident that we can move the most demanding models using the increasingly flexible tools that are currently available.