GRID Computing

Grid-computing (un-related to CFD meshing grids) is a service for sharing computer power and data storage capacity over the internet*.

Substantial investment in R&D has been made over the last ten years in GRID infrastructure systems and the creation of test-beds for development and testing the technology. Although the GRID promises application users the ability to harness global computing resources and provide easy access to significantly more resources, industrial users with the real need of such resources are yet to benefit due to the lack of real applications being made available on the GRID. One application area that demands significant computing resources is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

ICON is currently involved in the EU Framework 6 project BEinGRID. The aim of ICON's work in this project is to emphasise the business benefits of performing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of fluid flow (e.g. air) for aircrafts or automotive vehicles within a GRID environment.

This project will grid-enable two CFD applications into a new computational & data intensive and collaborative platform based on Gria middleware and GridSphere. One example from the aerospace sector and one example from the automotive industry will be investigated. The results from the conventional and gridified solutions will be compared in detail and the business and technical benefits quantified wherever possible.

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* definition courtesy of CERN