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iconCFD GUI is the Graphical User Interface delivered by ICON as part of the open source CFD service iconCFD. This section summarises the modifications, improvements and known issues for each version released to date.

New Features

  • Python framework for setting up of cases through a Python API:
    • Implementation of a command-line Python editor which can be used as a Python shell.
    • Support for manipulating GUI database/interface via Python.
    • Support for "semi-batch" process for loading and writing dictionaries.
  • Merging of OpenFOAM 1.6® functionality, including:
    • Support for controlling output for function objects.
  • Support for STL writing.
  • Progress bar for writing out dictionaries and creating blockMesh.
  • Support for more decomposition methods:
    • Scotch decomposition.
    • Ptscotch decomposition.
  • Support for specification of more mesh generation parameters:
    • First layer thickness.



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