New Features


  • Extended fieldProcess to allow visualisation of RANS/LES boundaries.
  • Extended fieldProcess to allow computation of Lighthill-Curle terms.
  • liftDrag function object : Added viscous lift/drag, pressure lift/drag, individual porous lift/drag, and total porous lift/drag in the liftDrag-liftDrag.dat file output from liftDrag function Object, as well as some more screen output.
  • netCDFDump
    • New function object which allows writing out of faceSet and cellSet temporal data to one unique netCDF file. Very useful for transient data analysis.
  • netCDFToVTK
    • Converter to legacy VTK format for the above output.
  • fieldAverage
    • In response to the adaptation of the local time stepping methods (see solver features), a new averaging methodology has been added to the fieldAverage to allow the user to obtain the time average as well the standard average. The option can be activated by switching on the argument timeAverage in the function object definition in the controlDict.
  • Improved robustness of foamToPLOAD mapping 
    • Now the mapping of solution on volumetric mesh can be performed on largely different target surface in NASTRAN format, difference in shape/position is now up to 30%. Geometry can be now directly damped to stl or vtk formats for control of geometrical objects used. New parameters for scaling, iterative mapping, output are introduced in the ploadDict.
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