iconCFD is Intel® Cluster Ready Registered


iconCFD runs on a variety of clusters and Linux operating systems. Additionally, ICON developers work in partnership with Intel® with the shared aim to continously improve iconCFD distribution for Linux clusters based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.

Intel® Cluster Ready is a platform architecture delivering Linux-based clusters that arrive fully tested and ready to run. Certified Intel® Cluster Ready architectures and registered Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications have been fully tested  to assure application compatibility and ease of deployment.

The Intel® Cluster Ready mark indicates the cluster solution complies with the Intel® Cluster Ready specification and has passed the tests of the Intel® Cluster Checker ensuring interoperabilty of the cluster components.

For more information about Intel® Cluster Ready Program, please visit www.intel.com/go/cluster.

If you wish further information about iconCFD please use this contact form for your enquiries.




Intel®, Intel® Cluster Ready and the Intel® Cluster Ready logo are trademarks of Intel® Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.


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