Meshing: iconCFD Mesh

3_meshingiconCFD Mesh is a fully automatic mesh generator, which creates hexahedral-dominant meshes of guaranteed cell quality, on highly complex industrial models. It is fully parallel and features dynamic load balancing. The resulting mesh allows for multiple volume regions with conformal or arbitrary grid interfaces. iconCFD Mesh supports the entire meshing process from refinement, snapping and layer generation to creation of face zones.

iconCFD Mesh is distributed as open source software.

mesh-processThe volume, or “shell” refinement is specified using additional geometry, while the transition between refinement levels is controlled by a ‘buffer layer’ of varying thickness. iconCFD Mesh provides flexible methods for specifying refinement levels on a surface: uniform, curvature and proximity. Feature lines are read in or created automatically from geometric discontinuities, region boundaries, surface  intersections or non-manifold edges. Uniform or proximity-based refinement can be specified for feature lines independently of the surface refinement. iconCFD Mesh also provides an automatic feature line filtering capability. A particle tracking technique is used to identify feature lines in close proximity, to which a filtering technique is applied to avoid feature ‘noise’.




Utilising an iterative process which maintains mesh quality, the mesh boundary is snapped first to feature lines, then to the geometry surface. iconCFD Mesh offers optional apriori feature line snapping, that is performed independently of surface snapping, followed by an additional smoothing step. This results in more degrees of freedom available to absorb mesh deformation, resulting in a significantly improved mesh quality near the features.






The iconCFD Mesh module provides high quality layer generation around complex geometry features. Users can flexibly control various layer mesh parameters such as first cell height, total layer thickness, expansion ratio and the number of layers. Automatic pull-back of the layer mesh based on surface proximity helps prevent mesh cross-over in small gap regions and the use of an iterative mesh deformation process ensures maximal layer coverage whilst maintaining mesh quality.

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