Setup: iconCFD Process


iconCFD Process is designed as the key supporting tool for all the modules available in iconCFD. iconCFD Process offers further productivity increases with its MultiCase functionality.

iconCFD Process is a proprietary software and uses floating licenses for increased flexibility.

Graphical User Interface

heliThe GUI features a workflow-driven interface, with outstanding ease of use and high flexibility for setting up iconCFD cases for all supported iconCFD modules. It runs on both Linux and Windows 64bit machines and is customisable to end-user requirements. The GUI provides default settings for most flow conditions as well as an interface for advanced options. In order to unleash the open source potential of iconCFD, the GUI provides an XML-based customisation framework to its users. This means that inhouse boundary conditions, function objects and other utilities can be easily setup from within iconCFD Process.

fanTo enhance productivity, iconCFD Process allows:

  • The modification of the parameters applied by default (e.g. inlet velocity, wall temperature, solver tolerances, etc.)
  • The use of pre-existing cases as templates with optional automatic matching of boundary conditions based on part names
  • Hiding of options which should not be modified from the interface


iconCFD Process MultiCase mode is designed for industrial environments. The aim is to enhance the productivity of the CFD process - standardized, efficient and robust. Its key advantage is the efficient re-use of data (Prepare 1, run N).

MultiCase_ProcessMultiCase helps to automate and standardize the process of running parametric studies and analysing optional geometries or variations of parts. The tool is available as a customisable python library or via the GUI.

As with all iconCFD based process, users from different departments can work independently on different parts of the geometric assemblies (geometry library).

The use of domain templates (e.g. wind tunnel) simplifies the setup. These are defined by userspecified boundary conditions and parametric volumes of refinement.

The result is an easy and quick setup of multiple cases for industrial applications.

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