Computing Resources

ICON provides a managed IT infrastructure with long experience of administering Linux, Unix and Windows platforms for CFD/CAE analysis. Computing facilities are regularly upgraded and benchmarked to provide flexible, stable performance with both open and commercial software. In addition, an experienced consultancy team is able help minimise customer hardware outlays and make the most of legacy infrastructure.

A summary of Icon’s computing services is provided below:
  • Outsourced calculations for up to 100M cell models
  • Provision of overflow compute capacity when it is required
  • OpenFOAM® compute clusters for automatic optimisation
  • Robust hardware support
  • Consultancy on hardware/software requirements for LES/DES
  • Guidance and procurement of low-cost cluster solutions for scientific and engineering analysis.
  • Consultancy on hardware requirements for SME’s performing CFD
  • Consultancy on GRID computing and web services
  • Remote simulation facilities (coming soon)
In addition to making full use of our own hardware and software, Icon's on-site engineers integrate within customer environments and utilise fully the available resources. Our success is based on the ability to maximise customer CFD capabilities by providing easy access to additional resources. Additionally, our system administrators continually monitor and evaluate commercial software performance on the latest hardware. This knowledge enables ICON to minimise computation times and ensure that affordable and practical hardware solutions are always considered.

For further information about our Compute Resources please log a request at our CONTACT page.