The ICON business was originally founded upon its ability to deliver independent CFD/CAE consultancy services. The company has successfully delivered hundreds of industrial and research projects to OEM’s, SME’s and research organisations worldwide. A proven formula for successful collaboration has been established and has helped provide improved capabilities to our clients.

ICON combines leading-edge technology with over 15 years business experience to deliver improvements in simulation processes. ICON consultants have accumulated a wealth of expertise which has enabled us to tackle the most demanding problems.

Recognising the need to be flexible and adaptable to our customer requirements, our consultancy team can deploy its skills in a range of fields and in any part of the world at minimal notice. In addition, our independent nature offers many advantages:

  • The most appropriate tools for our customers problem can be selected
  • Un-biased advice can be offered
  • Solutions can be tailored to our customers exact requirements & environments
As a result, we have published work that applies and develops a range of commercial, non-commercial and bespoke tools and methods.

A summary of our comprehensive consultancy services is provided below in this section.
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