Data / Knowledge Management

ICON performs hundreds of simulations every year with varying designs, boundary conditions and solvers. It became clear early-on that a system that could manage, store and allow easy access to simulations and knowledge would prove very useful. Consequently, in 1998 ICON started developing the web-based data management tool called Workflow. Although originally intended for internal data management within ICON, customers quickly showed interest and as a result, Workflow has been further customised and extended.

Technology Summary:
  • Web-based CAE simulation data management, archiving and access tool
  • Intranet/Internet/DVD-ROM based access
  • Linux, UNIX or Windows based
  • Fully-customisable to suit any legacy file-system or database (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Access etc)
  • Enables storage of images, animation, presentations, simulations data etc
  • Publish feature to export images to DVD or CD-ROM presentations
  • Suitable for those performing Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation (CFD, FEA, Test, Crash, NVH Analysis, Occupant Safety etc)
  • Secure access
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Fully customisable
  • CAE-engineers can build upon existing experience
  • Process management and recording
  • Knowledge management
  • Auto-reporting
  • Reduces repetitive work-tasks
  • Enables increased focus on results analysis/decision making
  • Stores best practise for consistency of methods and process
Current developments:
  • Backing-up feature
  • Auto-archiving feature