On-Site Support/Technology Transfer

Close collaboration with our customers is encouraged in order to make sure we fully understand our role and objectives. Consequently, ICON developers, designers, application engineers, IT-specialists, and project managers are all experienced in working at client sites, in fact 10-years on-site presence has been achieved in particular instances. In turn, we benefit from gaining additional insight and in-depth knowledge of any broader issues and implications that relate to our work.

Technology transfer is also included within Icon’s on-site activities. Although, new technologies are regularly released, not all new developments are of commercial interest. ICON therefore develops strategies to exploit new technologies in an efficient manner for real-life applications. In addition to our standard engineering expertise, the evaluation of the readiness of new technologies requires management, economic and scientific skills to be employed.

Methods and processes that ICON has evolved in-house are fine-tuned to our customer environments. Demonstrating our understanding of the technical, commercial and administrative issues encountered in large organisations has enabled us to successfully expand activities at our long-established customers.

In contrast, since ICON started out as a university spin-off business, we also understand the issues faced by smaller and medium sized organisations seeking to introduce new technologies into their operations. ICON is able to guide that process and ensure technology transfer costs and overheads are kept to a minimum and time is not wasted deploying inappropriate or immature tools.