CAD model preparation

The first step in the CFD/CAE process corresponds to the definition of a solution domain in the form of suitable CAD model. Any problems ignored at this stage will be therefore carried downstream, and for this reason it is critical to ensure the CAD is “correct”. This stage can be divided into two processes: the construction or retrieval of CAD data and the subsequent preparation and cleaning of this data for analysis purposes. ICON has extensive experience in handling industrial CAD data assemblies for both of these processes. Furthermore, advice is offered on related subjects like best practices for CAD to CFD process for customers who are faced with the following situations:
  1. No CAD data available
  2. Partial/Incomplete/pre-treated data available
  3. Complete raw CAD data assembly available
Our expertise includes:
  • CAD construction
  • CAD cleaning/correction
  • CAD preparation
  • CAD translation