Software Development

Over 100 software development projects have been completed and extensive programming expertise has been assembled.
Services provided include:
  • Software Project Planning and Management
  • Short- and Long-term programming support service
  • Software development
  • Software maintenance
  • Maintenance support
  • Software customisation
  • User Interface customisation
  • Feature enhancements
  • Legacy systems support
A team of experienced software developers and programmers is able to implement specific models or methods on Linux/Unix and MS-Windows environments.
Skills include:
  • C++, C, FORTRAN
  • Enterprise services
  • C#,,, PHP, LAMP
  • Java technology
  • XML web services
  • Python
  • TCL/TK
  • Perl
The various stages of a typical software development project can be summarised as follows:
  1. Receipt of software requirement specification (RFQ)
  2. General feasibility analysis
  3. Proposal/quotation preparation
  4. Contract exchange
  5. Project startup
    1. Team and resource definition
    2. Project management planning
  6. Detailed requirement analysis and system design
  7. Implementation
    1. Software implementation
    2. Modular testing of individual software components
    3. Assembly and integration of individual software components
  8. Test Phase
    1. Alpha
      1. Errors and bugs are addressed
      2. User interface is refined
      3. Test plan is executed
    2. Beta (Delivered to customer for testing)
  9. Installation Phase (The software is released to end users with appropriate documentation)
  10. Warranty phase (Bug fixing period after installation)
  11. Maintenance phase
New software tools are always supplied to our customers with professional documentation and bespoke training. For further information about our training services please refer to Services>Training.