Each design process has its own main focus and bottlenecks that sometimes make it difficult to streamline the complete CFD process.

The following seminars could help you improve productivity and regain focus on product development, with CFD as a powerful tool:

Half a day:

bat75px Open Source CFD
Interested in the benefits and pitfalls of open source CFD? Struggling with the idea of implementing it? Let us talk about it!

iconCFD 3.0
ICON service for industry. The improvements in our open source service will make you benefit even more from open source CFD. Find out how iconCFD can help you with your specific processes.

preprocessing Pre-Processing Coming Soon!
Creating CAD data can be time consuming as it is, but getting it streamlined with your CFD input often is a bottleneck.

Full day:

ship75px Post-Processing Workshop details
Your simulations run smooth but the post-processing seems to slow things down? Why don't we talk about the options and find the tools that fit your process?

gui75px iconCFD Service Workshop
Interested in working with the iconCFD service? Join us in this workshop to find out if it fits your needs.