OpenFOAM® Training

ICON offers user, programming and custom training in the usage of OpenFOAM® CFD toolkit. The training consists of lectures and hands-on tutorials. To ensure the professional quality of the training, the tutors are experienced developers and application engineers who use OpenFOAM in their daily work.

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The OpenFOAM Introductory User Training course is aimed at CFD engineers with little or no experience in the use of OpenFOAM. The objectives of the 2 day training are to:

  • Introduce and provide an overview of the OpenFOAM software toolkit
  • Oversee trainees performing the tutorial cases
  • Provide guidance on setup of trainees own case(s)
  • Present an introduction to OpenFOAM application programming interface (API)

OpenFOAM Introductory Programming Training is offered to customers wishing to modify or extend the existing features of OpenFOAM. The trainees are assumed to have taken the Introductory User training or to have equivalent experience of OpenFOAM. The objectives of the 3 day course are to:

  • Introduce C++ within the OpenFOAM context
  • Explore the OpenFOAM code structure and commonly used classes
  • Analyse, modify and create basic solvers and utilities
  • Understand and customise basic OpenFOAM libraries

OpenFOAM Custom Training consists of 1 day courses designed to focus on specific topics of customer interest. Examples of possible courses include:

  • OpenFOAM and automatic optimisation
  • Aero-Acoustic prediction with OpenFOAM
  • Underhood thermal management with OpenFOAM
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning with OpenFOAM