ICON has had a long association with the aerospace industry by providing independent engineering expertise and consulting at both OEM and supplier level.

The company has delivered CAE simulations in different areas of expertise, spanning from ice accretion simulation to design and optimisation of aircraft cabins. ICON has remained a preferred CFD/CAE supplier to Airbus for more than 10 years.

ICON engineers are fully integrated into the working environment of aerospace businesses through on-site support activities. This ensures that a broad knowledge of the technical objective of the analyses is also supported by experience of how new designs will be integrated within the aircraft development process as a whole.

Cabin Ventilation • Aircraft external aerodynamics • Topology and shape optimisation • Cargo bay ventilation • Mixing Units and related systems • Ice accretion simulation methods development • Ram Air Systems (RAI, RAO, Full system simulation, ERAI) • Riser ducting simulation • 1D/3D thermo-fluid model coupling • Fluid-structure model coupling • Air outlets simulation • Recirculation fan modelling • Aero-acoustics analysis • Automatic duct optimisation • AGU/Pack Bay ventilation • Supplemental cooling system bay ventilation • Wing ventilation • AGU/Pack outlet duct optimisation • Wing slat anti-ice • Smoke/Fire simulation • Muffler simulation • Mock-up testing and comparison

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