Knowledge about the pattern of air flow and distribution of temperature, pressure or pollutants is useful in buildings in order to investigate and improve the efficiency of the ventilation system, verify comfort conditions or predict thermal transport. The building industry has utilized the developments in dynamic modelling; CFD codes are increasingly being used to predict the performance of HVAC, passive systems, wind engineering etc.

Also with the use of Apps in iconCFD Platform we can predict the distribution of moisture content and relative humidity, as well as indices such as the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD), which are used to determine occupant thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Using CFD models ICON can help simulate and predict:

  • Airflow

    Inside and around buildings

  • Air change efficiency

    Age of Air in rooms

  • Humidity in buildings

  • Pollutants

    Concentration and removal

  • Air velocity distribution

  • Temperature distribution

  • Fire hazards

    Smoke migration

  • Natural ventilation

    Solar radiation, stack ventilation and passive systems

  • Tunnel and subway station modelling

    (moving train meshing included)

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