Rotating Machinery

ICON has successfully applied computational methods to solve fluid related problems involving rotating machinery in a wide range of industrial sectors. The extensive experience gathered from several projects in this field since 1992 places the company in a unique position to find the best and fastest solution for your problem through either new developments or technology transfer.

Requirements from clients often vary from simple performance checks to full design validations, including more recently state-of-the-art automatic optimisation techniques. Typical calculations performed in the past involved: blade design, characterisation of power losses and efficiency, windage losses, design of seals, verification of cooling systems, and coupling of FEA and CFD.

At ICON we pride ourselves on being independent, having access to all commercial and open source software tools in the market, giving you the flexibility to select the best package for the job or use your favourite in-house tool. With this flexibility and easy access to extensive computational resources, including GRID enabled technology, ICON offers a highly cost effective way to create or extend the CFD capabilities in your organisation.

Some applications found in previous projects related to rotating machinery include:


  • Bearings

  • Fans and Compressors

  • Steam and Gas Turbines

  • Hydraulic Pumps and Turbines

  • Wing Turbines

  • Axial and Radial Power Generators

  • Electrical Motors

  • Mixing Vessels

  • Propellers

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