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To compute Front End Air Flow (FEAF) a detailed engine bay is required in the CFD model. In order to reduce the model preparation from weeks to a single day ICON engineers use iconCFD Wrap.

The example showcased here is the engine block of the Skoda Fabia II. It originally comprises of 887 separate parts grouped into 57 components exported from a CAD PLM tool. The exported assembly is formed of no less than 4.2 Million triangles.
An initial Cartesian mesh was created with an element size of 1.25 m. A uniform surface refinement of level 9 was applied to the engine, giving a smallest element size of 2.44 mm. A wrap level of 5 was applied to fill any holes larger than 39 mm, resulting in the surface wrap shown.
The entire wrapping process, including projection of the wrap surface to the geometry and capture of feature lines, took 278 seconds on a Linux workstation using 2 Intel Xeon X5650 (2.67GHz) processors (2016 data). The final wrapped surface consists of a single closed manifold surface containing 762,028 triangles.

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