iconCFD Process-Geom

The iconCFD Process Geom tool is part of iconCFD® Process. It can be accessed from within iconCFD® Process.

It is a geometry modification tool which supports the setup for CAE applications. There are many options focused on easy setups of CFD applications.

  • Assembly tree

    Manage parts / colors

  • Edge & Face selection methods

    Show / hide, feature edges

  • Geometry creation

    Points, lines, planes, shapes

  • Geometry modification and repair

    Transform - split - refine

  • Numerous Input and Output formats

    stl, nas, obj, stlb, step, iges, jt

  • Repair leaks

    Stitch points to points or to lines, close small gaps

  • Morphing functionality

    Morph selected points or lines or morph due to displacement field

  • Integration with APP utility

    Load apps and make simplified setups for specific process chains

  • Zones creation

    Easily creates MRF/AMI zones

  • Measuring utilities

    Distances, center coordinates, normals

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