iconCFD Process-GUI

The GUI is part of iconCFD® Process. With embedded best practice and built-in logic for all flow physics for fast, robust setup, the iconCFD Process GUI enables the user to prepare cases easily for complex flow physics such as species transport, Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LPT), Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT), adjoint simulations, etc. Where custom setup may be required, the Expert Mode parameters also provides a comprehensive list of parameters for solution control, numerical schemes, meshing and other solver parameters.

Other features in the iconCFD Process GUI include:

  • Boundary condition, mesh and region groups

    Easily combine all geometry patches which inherit similar properties

  • Integrated documentation

    Help with search functionality

  • Integrated 2D plotter for visualisation

    Tabulated data results and run-time monitoring of convergence histories

  • Support for importing geometries and meshes

    Load STL/NASTRAN geometries and un-decomposed/decomposed meshes

  • Support for creating simple basic objects/shapes

    Import geometries for face/zone construction, point clouds for LPT

  • Background Cartesian grid with automatic scaling

    Guide/measure of the level of refinement required

  • Generate model template

    Build new cases from model template fast

  • Run cases in the terminal or directly in the GUI

    Job submission to any machine, from anywhere in the world

  • Fully customisable and generic resource allocation tool

    Specify remote machine details for shared and distributed file systems by IT administrators and end users alike

  • Generic workflow manager graphical tool

    Define complex workflow setups

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