iconCFD Process

iconCFD® Process is an advanced setup tool to allow high productivity and accuracy.

  • iconCFD Process and terminal version available

  • Best Practices (external aero, UHTM, etc.)

    Updated with latest iconCFD functionalities

  • Highly customizable specific wind tunnel templates [WTT]

    Focused on vehicle configuration and mesh requirements

  • Support for complex workflow

    steadyInit, coarseToFine, coupling

  • Standard setupTime

    Group of stl/nas/obj with ordinary quality -> less than 1h

  • Automatic hexahedral-dominant mesh

    Hybrid parallelization

  • Customized solvers for extra stability and performance

    Improved schemes and functionalities

  • Advanced features

    Wheel modeling, Porous media, Heat exchange, Multicar support, Soiling and particle interaction, Adjoint optimization

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