iconCFD Move

iconCFD Move the model of the iconCFD package for dynamic mesh motion during solver runs. The mesh motion is typically employed for transient CFD problems with moving boundaries. Several mesh motion types ranging from rigid motion of mesh regions separated by Arbitrary Mesh Interfaces, via mesh distortion methods based on prescribed boundary movement to automatic re-meshing of mesh areas where extreme mesh manipulations reduced the cell quality.

  • Multiple dynamic mesh solvers available

    Incompressible, compressible and CHT solvers with dynamic mesh support

  • Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI) and Arbitrary Coupled Mesh Interface (ACMI)

    For coupling mesh regions on non-matching boundaries, which may move relative to each other. ACMI allows for specification of boundary conditions for non-overlapping parts of interfaces

  • Solid body motion

    Rigid body transformation (rotation and translation) of one or multiple parts of the mesh, separated by Arbitrary Mesh Interfaces (AMIs). Various solid body motion types available with up to six degrees of freedom

  • Dynamic motion solver

    This dynamic mesh type without topological mesh changes solves for the displacement or movement of all internal mesh points based on the user-defined movement of all boundary patches

  • Dynamic local re-meshing

    If used in combination with another dynamic mesh type this functionality monitors the mesh quality. If the quality metrics are not satisfied any more at any time in the simulation a new mesh is automatically for a selected mesh area. Conservative mapping of all required fields ensures a seamless continuation of the solver run

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